Dale Watson named Texas State Musician

Just got this in:

 Hi yall,  Lots to tell ya and it’s all mighty good. The “Justice For All” video will soon begin to  air on GAC and CMT PURE. Look out for the Edge of Country segment I hosted to air early June. Making your online requests for it would be appreciated. Also for those who didn’t catch the EXTRA piece with me and James Denton we’ll try to find a link or put it on the website soon. The “From the Cradle to the Grave” record hits the stores April 24th ( I say crossing my fingers) and here in Austin is already available at Waterloo Records. The May tour will find us starting with hosting Ernest Tubbs Midnite Jamboree May 12th, please listen in to 650 AM WSM radio. Lastly, I was honored to have been named Texas State Musician for 2007 by the Texas Commission on the Arts and they will make a congressional resolution April 19th at the state capitol building on the house floor. They say 9am and public is invited but time isn’t in stone at the state congress,LOL. April 20th we’re at Threadgils South location and April 21st back at the world famous Broken Spoke Hope to see yall round, thanks for all your kind letters and continued support of the shows.


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  1. […] Country Back posted an old school music video of Dale Watson shot in Austin, TX. You can see the Austin skyline, Town Lake, the Broken Spoke, the Continental Club, there’s […]

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