Thank goodness for YouTube and Kris Kristofferson

Thanks to the wonder of YouTube I didn’t have to sit through the rest of the CMT Awards in order to see this precious moment…

5 Responses to “Thank goodness for YouTube and Kris Kristofferson”

  1. I wish the person would have posted the whole thing. There was a moving speech from Roseanne Cash and a video montage tribute thing with pictures of Kristofferson throughout his whole career. It also had people like Willie Nelson and Martin Scorcese singing his praises, but the speech from Kristofferson that’s in the video you posted was probably the best moment.

  2. You’re almost making me wish I’d suffered through and watched it 🙂 but I will keep an eye on youtube and hope that someone posts a longer clip of the moment. There sure don’t make them like Kris anymore….(btw Brody – love your site!)

  3. Thanksa lot, I’ve enjoyed your site quite a bit as well since I found out about it. You’ve got a lot of stuff I don’t come across when browsing the other sites

  4. Cool! That’s what its all about — sharing the good stuff….

  5. Well looks like we spoke too soon – the video has been pulled from YouTube so if you want to experience this moment you’ll have to sit through the rest of the re-broadcast..

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