Today’s Mail Call

A myspace friend sent a demo cd in the mail today — thank you Andrew!

Who? The Blazing Zoos

What? Straight up country with a rockin’ if not sometimes subtle, Americana edge


Recommended track? All three of ’em….but particularly Do You Have A Sister and I Didn’t Have the Material Before Now

What hooked me? Their bio…

“Phenomenally marvellous” – Uncut

If it was legal to drink yourself to sleep in Libya, none of it would ever have happened. The Blazing Zoos, a country & western group, gestated in late 2005 and early 2006 in Sydney, Tripoli, London, Nashville and a small Cameroonian town called Kumbo. The linkage between these disparate locations was the peregrinations of the journalist and author Andrew Mueller, who is the person chiefly responsible, although he pleads in mitigation a singularly unmake-uppable series of happenstances and coincidences which have persuaded him, perhaps foolishly, that ineffable cosmic forces with which it would be daft to trifle are at work, and that this was Meant To Be. There is a reason for The Blazing Zoos’ name, but since disclosing it is apt to encourage folk to mistake The Blazing Zoos’ raison d’etre for vindictive misogyny, it will be revealed only upon application. And probably not even then. Just enjoy the repeated “Z” sound.

The Blazing Zoos made their live debut in July 2006. For reasons far, far too complicated to explain here, this occurred at a festival on a beach in southern Albania. The Blazing Zoos’ lineup that evening comprised Andrew Mueller (vocals, guitar) Jesus Jones frontman Mike Edwards (guitar, vocals), justly revered Shetlandic chanteuse Astrid Williamson (piano, vocals), Dan Burke (guitar, vocals), Alec Pointon (bass) and former Jesus Jones drummer Gen Matthews (drums, unsurprisingly). There are photos confirming that this did actually happen in the Pics section of this site.

The Blazing Zoos’ piano stool has since been filled by the unarguably less glamorous but riotously gifted Robin Colgan, and more shows are being scheduled in the maddeningly rare windows which find every one of the jetsetting playboys that comprise the group in the same country at the same time. Nevertheless, The Blazing Zoos are determinedly plotting their next steps towards owning graceless mansions with banjo-shaped swimming pools, a rhinestone-studded tour bus with moose antlers jutting from the front, and feeling entitled to swan about wearing stupid big hats despite a collective inability to discern one end of a cow from the other.

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