Has Country Gone to Hell?

Has Country Gone To Hell?

(Emily Herring)

Has Country Gone to Hell?

Written by: Emily Herring

This one here’s for Haggard
And the ‘Fighting Side of Me’
The ‘Okie from Muskogee’
Don’t burn draft cards in the street
He flies Ol’ Glory on a pole
He don’t burn her on the ground
Merle Haggard is America
But where is country now?

Where’s our country
When some chick from Dixie
Can’t even speak her mind?
The Pope is out to warn us
That Michael More (or Bill Moyers)
Has too much to write
And even ol’ Merle Haggard
Don’t understand the fight
Has country gone to Hell,
and was it really overnight?

Singin’ songs about the working man
Giving blood and sweat and tears
Well that may not sell you CMT,
But it’s worth a couple beers
So ‘Who Will Buy the Wine’
When they toast how we laid down?
It’s time to raise some hell
And send ’em all to jail
Let’s take back country now


Now Merle Haggard don’t take the bible
And wrap it up inside the flag
Call ’em both the same damn thing
And sell ’em with a price tag
So let’s sing one verse for Willie
Who took ’em on some time ago
Well it’s time to take back country
From that White House on Music Row
So, this one here’s for Haggard
And the ‘Fighting Side of Me’

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