Mail Call May 16 2007

I’m playing catch up with the highlights from the past 3 days….

Sorry I’m getting a bit behind with this. Its been pretty dang busy here….but productive. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting the campaign. You’re making a difference! Keep visiting the site I just linked to and call your Senators and Congress Reps and tell encourage them to co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act. The house bill picked up 9 co-sponsors today!

I had a few moments today to listen to a few new cds that have made their way to my desk — here are some of the highlights:

Richard Thompson – Sweet Warrior

Full length audio: Needle and Thread

Release Date: May 29

Comments: This is Richard’s first electric project since 2003 — Amazing! Diverse, driving, dynamic and dang well worth every second of the wait! Highlights: Poppy Red, Needle and Thread and of course Dad’s Going to Kill Me is the showstopper on this one.

Warren Zevon – Preludes

Release Date: May 1st

Comments: Why is that we almost always seem to never appreciate someone until they’re gone. I’ve been familiar with Warren’s music over the years mostly via others covering his music. This double cd is something very special….from the cd that contains an amazing collection of songs, the most stunning of which have never been released before, to the accompanying cd “Primate Discourse – Warren Zevon Talks” which contains a treasure trove of audio files of Warren talking about songwriting, mortality and his inspirations. The accompanying package including a mermerizing and touching booklet that contains a heart-touching tribute from his son Jordan. New West has out done themselves on this one.

Sharla June – Flying Without My Wings Again

Release Date: now!

Comments: Hands down this is my favorite CD of the week! If you ask me to catergorize it the best I’d be able to come up with is “GREAT” She’s soulful, rootsy, eclectic, folky, edgy and more — you need to listen to this one yourself to add the rest of the adjectives. Go to her myspace link noted above and listen to Bumble Bee. It’s the album’s opening track and she had me hooked with it right up to the closing “Black Dog”.

Peter Walsh – Forbidden Road

Release Date: now!

Comments: Peter find me via myspace. I was hooked instantly by the album’s title track on his ms page. The album’s a mix of country, folk and acoustic Delta blues and captures your attention and makes the rest of the world disappear as the music draws you in. Peter has a quiet passion and musical presence that makes one recall a young Dylan.

Mike Runnels – Tonight’s Our Last Night

Comments: Mike undoubtedly loves making music. His career has been a lengthy one and he was well established in the Austin punk rock scene before he gave it all up for his country roors. His songwriting style is old school hardcore country. Mike’s 2 song single disc carries on the tradition he’s been building with his last two solid country releases.

The Beagle Brothers – The Notorious Country Hell Hounds

Comments: I’ve been hearing about and from this band since I first logged on to myspace a couple of years ago. They’re relentless at making sure they stay connected with like-minded folks of the alt-country/Americana kind. A local band with a drive that’ll take them as far as they want to go. Based on this disc I’m guessing their live show is one night to remember.”Punk rock sensibility combined with traditional country music” Definitely a diamond in the rough that I wouldn’t want to see polished up too much – they’re great just the way they are.

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