“The Bluegrass Sessions” from Merle Haggard are coming

Thursday, May 17, 2007 – Country music icon Merle Haggard is going a different musical root and label with his next release. He will go the bluegrass root on “The Bluegrass Sessions” on Del McCoury’s label, out Sept. 18.

The 12-song collection is comprised of 4 newly written songs by The Hag. Among the older Haggard songs are “Mama’s Hungry Eyes,” with Alison Krauss contributing vocals, “Big City” and “Holding Things Together.”

Haggard received help from several big name performers as well. Marty Stuart played mandolin on the disc; Rob Ickes was on Dobro; Aubrey Haynie contributed fiddle, while Carl Jackson played guitar and sang two-part harmonies. Ronnie Reno produced the disc.

A label official said there has been talk about Haggard going on the road this fall to promote the disc. Those who played on the album could end up touring with him as well, although it was unclear how many of the musicians would be available.

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