Mail Call May 18 2007

 Rodney Hayden – Down The Road

Highlighted Track: These Arms (featuring Sunny Sweeney)

Release Date: now!

Comments: Rodney Hayden was one of TCB’s very early finds. We first stumbled across him in 2001. His youthful appearance was in stark contrast to his memorable vocals. We instantly took him under wing… You can read our first interview with Rodney here. Now he’s all grown, has a Nashville record deal that’s been there done that, and is now back in Texas with his third album. His sound has changed over the years — our young man has definitely grown up but thankfully he’s still making great country music!

Poodle Lynn  and the Backstage Band – Don’t Keep This Lady Waiting

Highlighted Tracks: 

First Rodeo

Don’t Keep This Lady Waiting

Release Date: now!

Comments: Poodle Lynn’s been making music for awhile now, but if there was ever a time that country music needed an influx of hardcore honky tonk it would be now. She wrote eight on the songs on this new album. Her previous album “Country As I’ll Ever Be” was well received by TCB readers/listeners. There’s no reason to suspect this one won’t do the same!

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