City Council Set to Remove Buddy Holly’s Name from Plaza

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City Council Set to Remove Buddy Holly’s Name from Plaza


Changes Could Come To Buddy Holly Plaza


Civic Lubbock Incorporated has thought it over and they say the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame should become the West Texas Walk of Fame.

The non-profit group tells NewsChannel 11 Buddy Holly’s widow, Maria Elena Holly, has asked for licensing fees to use her late husband’s name.

Civic Lubbock says their money would be better spent on programs, not licensing fees, so Thursday they’re asking the Lubbock City Council to change the names at both the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame, and Buddy Holly Terrace.

Civic Lubbock also tells us that Mrs. Holly’s attorneys contacted them about a Giant Side of Texas promotional spot that features Buddy Holly, but the Chamber of Commerce is in charge of that program, not Civic Lubbock.

The chamber’s president tells us he has not been contacted by Mrs. Holly.  Meanwhile, Civic Lubbock says changing the name will not make the walk of fame fade away.

“It’s unfortunate, but it just came down to economics,” Dan Burns with Civic Lubbock Inc. said. 

Civic Lubbock took over the reins of the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame in 1983.  In 1995 the Memorial Civic Center Entrance Plaza became Buddy Holly Plaza, and the following year the Buddy Holly Terrace was dedicated to recognize the work of area citizens.

During all of that time, Civic Lubbock did not pay to use Holly’s name, but now Holly’s widow has put her foot down.

“We will no longer be able to do that without paying that licensing fee,” Burns said. 

Maria Elena Holly sent this statement to NewsChannel 11: “I’ve always supported the city of Lubbock’s efforts to honor my husband. The current misunderstanding evolves from the failure of certain entities associated with the city in using my husband’s name without first consulting me. I have tried to protect my husband’s name, image and reputation over the past 47 years, and I will continue to do so.”

“I think, again, it’s a money issue, and we think that’s unfortunate. She has been at some induction ceremonies before. The name has been used for a number of years,” Burns said. 

Civic Lubbock says it doesn’t matter anymore.

“We still think we’ll be well served with the West Texas Walk of Fame, because the goal of the program is to highlight those individuals that have made a name for themselves on the national stage that are from the west Texas area,” Burns said. 

Right now, it doesn’t appear that the Buddy Holly Center, or Buddy Holly Avenue will be affected by licensing fees.  

The city council is scheduled to take up the walk of fame and terrace Thursday morning. We’ll let folks know what happens.

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