KCRW podcast: Deadline Looms for New Internet Royalty Rates


Deadline Looms for New Internet Royalty RatesTUE JUN 5, 2007Listen to/Watch entire show:Listen Podcast The online radio royalty debate rages on as a deadline for new, higher rates looms. Opposing the increased royalties, 100 congressional sponsors have signed on to support the Internet Radio Equality Act that would level the playing field for Internet music streamers. Join politicians, proponents and opponents in conversation with KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour.Guests:·         Shanna Winters: Chief Counsel to the Subcommittee on The Courts, The Internet and Intellectual Property ·         Jonathan Potter: Executive Director of the Digital Media Association ·         John Simson: Executive Director of SoundExchange

One Response to “KCRW podcast: Deadline Looms for New Internet Royalty Rates”

  1. If an provision for adding the Secure X1 Recording Control from Media Rights Technologies was added to this bill the problem of the illegal copying of Internet streaming audio would be eliminated. This huge problem is behind the dramatic increase in rates by the Copyright Royalty Board.

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