PBS “NOW” Story on Internet Radio and SoundExchange

David Brancaccio on the PBS show “NOW” did a story on how the proposed fee increase by SoundExchange will kill Internet Radio. It is a fair and accurate story, though David could have called Simson of SoundExchange on the latter’s untrue statements. Click here to listen to or download the broadcast video. The video is the whole show, the Internet radio story is in the second half of the show.


2 Responses to “PBS “NOW” Story on Internet Radio and SoundExchange”

  1. Fred Wilhelms Says:

    Simson’s contribution to the discussion was a classic strawman argument: “People tell me they are hearing all this new music and buying more CDs. In fact, we’ve seen a precipitous drop in the sales of CDs.”

    If you happen to run into John Simson, you can deal with this in either of two ways:

    1. Play his game and say “But think how much worse CD sales would have been without those people!” There’s as much evidence of that as there is of his statement.


    2. Refuse to be dragged into that illogical swamp and point out that Internet radio, especially as is it restricted in the number of times it can play a single artist in a limited period, shouldn’t be compared to album length CD sales, but rather to downloads of single songs. During the lifetime of Internet radio, legal sales of downloads have exploded. Frankly, given a real apples-to-apples comparison, Internet radio’s beneficial effect on downloads is probably far greater than any alleged detrimental effect on CD sales.

    It is time we really listened to the foolishness that is being thrown around in place of actual facts and tested the real premises being argued. SoundExchange doesn’t stand a chance against the facts.

  2. Excellent points as always Fred. I always enjoy hearing your input. You speak frankly and loudly — keep it up….we’re making a difference….the facts always win in the end…

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