If it walks like a duck….

TCB Note: ….imagine having a doctor operate on you who advocates against the research into new medicine or treatments or a lawyer who prefers to try cases based on law from the 1800’s or being taught by a teacher who hates books. If you’re going to represent an agency that purports to support artists and the music then it seems to be logical that you’d support the avenues that cause it to grow and develop — then again — I’m not on the board of SoundExchange….

Thanks to Rusty Hodge for this

SoundExchange board member: “I sincerely am starting to hate the Internet”

Great quote today in the LA Times by Jay Rosenthal (SoundExchange Board Member and co-legal counsel to the Recording Artists’ Coalition):

To some this may sound crazy, but I sincerely am starting to hate the Internet. I know you see the Internet as some incredible invention that has opened the door to unlimited distribution of music—and your lofty goal is to bring music to as many as possible. But all I see is a tidal wave of artist abuse. And the thought of webcasters emulating the Groskters of the world, and being given a free pass just reinforces my view that the Internet is not becoming a beacon of light, but a cesspool of darkness. I don’t think it is overstating it by concluding that illegal file sharing is the direct cause of the greatest campaign of copyright infringement in history, and has resulted in the music industry’s being devastated.

They hated the cassette recorder. They hated the CD Burner. Soon they’ll hate people who hum songs.

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