Upcoming Release: Derailers – Under the Influence of Buck – Jul 31


Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass

Get Ready for the new Single from The DERAILERS

“Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass

on the upcoming July, Vol. 56 CD Tex Promotional Compilation

 from the forthcoming Palo Duro CD:  Under the Influence of Buck

Street Date July 31


Bleak like a cliffhanger to one of those Saturday afternoon serial matinees of yesteryear, where even though you know the good guys always win, the odds seem so stacked against them that you can’t imagine how they could possibly survive. First, after nearly a decade of guarding their priceless Beatles-by-way-of-Bakersfield sound against the corrupting forces of Music Row, the boys suddenly found themselves pushed dangerously close to the edge of mainstream conformity. They fought the good fight through two records with major-label behemoth Sony Nashville and escaped full assimilation by the skin of their teeth. That’s when the band’s most diehard believers clenched the sides of their seats for dear life or covered their eyes, too squeamish to watch. Like a runaway train barreling toward a broken bridge over a perilous gorge, it seemed only a miracle could save the Derailers from certain…derailment.

There’s a new CD just around the corner (July 31),  “Under the Influence of Buck” on Palo Duro Records.  It is ready to go and sounds great.  The debut single from the new album is one of Buck’s greats, “Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass”.   This’n’s a winner.  It’ll be available wherever you like to buy music.

Which brings us back to our cliffhanger. Go ahead and open your eyes (and ears), and heave a Texas-sized sigh of relief. Because , the Derailers are better than ever. Or, to borrow a line from Soldiers of Love’s “It’s Never Too Late For A Party,” — we just got this thing started!”

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