Messages from Congressional Leaders to Webcasters (via Live365)

With nearly three weeks remaining before the July 15th royalty payment deadline, we wanted to pass along to you messages from Congressional leaders who sponsored the Internet Radio Equality Act (H.R. 2060/S. 1353). They are still working hard on your behalf and wanted to reiterate their strong support for broadcasters.Congressman Jay Inslee (D-WA), original sponsor of H.R. 2060

“The good news is that momentum is growing in Washington, D.C. Since its introduction in April, well over 100 members of Congress have recognized the important service webcasters provide by cosponsoring the Internet Radio Equality Act. With your continued help, that number and congressional support will keep growing as we approach July 15.”

Congressman Donald Manzullo (R-IL), original sponsor of H.R. 2060

“We have had an amazing response to the Internet Radio Equality Act here in Washington, DC. Please urge your listeners to contact their Members of Congress so we can continue to build support and keep the music playing.”

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), original sponsor of S. 1353

“Webcasters are valued members of the Internet community, and I will do all that I can to ensure that these royalty hikes don’t go into effect. This effort is part of a broader issue that I am fighting for and that is the importance of protecting e-commerce from unfair discrimination. In order for this effort to succeed, we must all continue to work together to preserve Internet radio.”

Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS), original sponsor of S. 1353

“The Internet Radio Equality Act (S. 1353), which I recently introduced with my colleague Senator Ron Wyden, is fundamental to the survival of the new and innovative technology of webcasting. The recent decision of the Copyright Royalty Board, which goes into effect on July 15th, will decimate an entire industry. Millions of Americans listen to Internet radio regularly, and artists whose music would not receive airplay on commercial terrestrial radio are beginning to receive royalty checks for the first time. Despite what the critics would have you believe, Internet radio benefits artists and I applaud the innovators who have made this technology possible. Senator Wyden and I recently sent a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy requesting that the Committee quickly move to consider our bill and correct the section of the Copyright Act that allowed for this disastrous decision.”

Live365 will continue to actively advocate and negotiate for a fair and affordable royalty rate so that we can maintain Internet radio services for all of you. We know that participating in the June 26th Day of Silence will be disruptive to you and your listeners but believe that it sends a message that broadcasters are standing together to fight this issue and hurting Internet radio hurts the music industry as a whole. This fight isn’t over yet! Best,

Jason Stoddard
Director, Broadcasting

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