In Silent Support….

In support of the Day of Silence TCB will be idle tomorrow. We encourage you to contact your House and Senate representatives and push them to co-sponsor and support the Internet Radio Equality Act. You can find out who to contact by visiting


An overwhelming response by listeners to today’s ongoing “Day of Silence” event has overwhelmed the web and database servers being used by and is tying up switchboards in Congressional offices all over Capitol Hill as a deluge of online radio listeners have capwiz high trafficrushed to contact their representatives to ask them to co-sponsor the “Internet Radio Equality Act.”

Beginning just before 10AM CT, the site saw huge numbers of visitors arriving to the site, coming from links set up by webcasters participating in today’s event.

Shortly thereafter, the section of the site that lets users look up contact information for their Congressmen and Senators, (powered by Capitol Advantage’s CapWiz) was crippled by large numbers of users trying to simultaneously access their reps’ information.

According to a representative from SaveNetRadio, “This is by far the biggest one-day load [CapWiz] has ever been hit with, and they are adding servers and moving all
available resources ASAP.” The website is in the process of revising its home page to ask listeners to try again later this afternoon or tomorrow.

Meanwhile, listeners who do get the contact information for their representatives are having trouble getting through to the offices, as most House  and Senate staff office phone numbers seem to be nonstop busy signals at the moment. Nearly a dozen phone calls from the RAIN office to various Congressional offices’ switchboards have been unable to get through, as the lines appear to be flooded with callers.

More information on this issue — plus a review of the additional press coverage of this event — will be coming soon in RAIN.

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