Day of Silence aftermath

National and international mainstream press outlets devoted lots of air time and print space to yesterday’s “Day of Silence” event, evidence that one of the day’s goals — alerting listeners about the imminent threat faced by webcasters with the help of various media outlets — was immediately successful.

Below is a table of some of the major press coverage of yesterday’s “Day of Silence”. The table will be updated as more coverage of the event is published.

Internet Radio Outlets Protest Royalties
Online Music Hushes in Face of Money Fight:
Federal Discord Over Royalty Hikes
Internet radio stations to protest royalty hikes – They will replace music with silence today to fight royalty rate hikes
Online Music Goes Silent to Weigh In
‘Day of Silence’ Makes Noise on the ‘Net
‘Day of silence’ for US web radio
Day of Silence: Internet Radio Goes Dark
Day of silence for Net broadcasters
Webcasters let it all go silent to protest growth in royalties
A kind of hush all over Web radio
Web radio stations plan day of silence to protest fees
Protest will silence some online music –
Participants upset about plan to increase fees to recording companies, musicians
Webcasters silence radios in protest
Net radio battles royalty ruling with silence
Internet radio ‘silence’ protests royalties hike
Radio Free Internet: Broadcasters Protest Rate Hikes With Silence
Web radio sites go silent in protest
New licensing fees could doom Internet radio, but webcasters are fighting back with a ‘Day of Silence’
Web Radio’s ‘Day of Silence’ Protests Royalty Increases
SoundExchange Reacts To ‘Day Of Silence’
Net Radio Protests Rates: Webcasters see a groundswell of support from net radio supporters on “Day of Silence”
Webcasters Observe ‘Day of Silence’ to Protest Royalty Rates
Online radio outlets plan silent protest
Internet Radio Observes Day Of Silent Protest
If You Like Online Radio, Call Your Congresspeople — Seriously
Web Radio Stations Hope Silence Speaks Volumes About Fee Hike
Is Silence Golden?

On another IREA-related note, Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA), one of the original sponsors of H.R. 2060, stood in front of the House yesterday to alert Congress that millions of people are in danger of losing Internet radio unless swift action is taken to push the Internet Radio Equality Act into law.

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