More than 14 Million Net Radio Listeners Turn Up the Volume In Congress

National Day of Silence a ‘Tremendous Success’

WASHINGTON, June 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Organizers of yesterday’s national Day of Silence — observed by more than 14,000 webcasters — reported today that more than 14 million Net radio listeners visited, and nearly 400,000 phone calls were placed to members of the House and Senate calling on Congress to enact legislation that would preserve the future of Internet radio during the day-long protest.

The Day of Silence was initiated by the Radio and Internet Newsletter (RAIN) and sponsored by the SaveNetRadio coalition.

“The silence that greeted millions of Internet radio listeners yesterday certainly turned up the volume in Congress,” SaveNetRadio spokesperson, Jake Ward said. “Yesterday’s Day of Silence was a tremendous success but the clock continues to tick on the future of Internet radio, and with more than 14 million hits on the SaveNetRadio website and almost 400,000 thousand phone calls made to Congress yesterday alone in support of the Internet Radio Equality Act, it is time for Congress take action.”

To date more than 400,000 emails and letters have been sent to Capitol Hill by supporters of Internet radio and an estimated half a million phone calls have been made to individual offices.

“SaveNetRadio would like to thank every listener for their contribution to saving Internet radio and for their patience while the music they love and enjoy was temporarily disrupted. The coalition also thanks every webcaster who participated in yesterday’s Day of Silence, many of whom made financial sacrifices to ensure their listeners were aware of the threat looming over the industry,” Ward continued.

The Internet Radio Equality Act would vacate the CRB’s decision and set a 2006-2010 royalty rate at the same level currently paid by satellite radio services (7.5% of revenue.) The bill would also change the royalty rate- setting standard used in royalty arbitrations, so that the standards applying to webcasters would align with the standard that applies to satellite radio royalty arbitrations. The bill also re-sets the royalty rules for noncommercial radio such as NPR stations that offer Internet radio music.

A hearing on H.R. 2060, the Internet Radio Equality Act, has been scheduled for Thursday, June 28th in the House Small Business Committee.

For more information on the SaveNetRadio coalition visit


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