Rosanne Cash signs with Manhattan Records

Monday, July 2, 2007 – After a career on Sony and Capitol, Rosanne Cash has a new record deal. Cash, the daughter of Johnny Cash and Vivian Liberto, signed a contact with Manhattan Records. Cash is due to go into the studio later this fall with a release due in 2008.Cash, who lives in New York had a slew of country hits in the 1980’s, including “Seven Year Ache,” “My Baby Thinks He’s a Train” and “Tennessee Flat Top Box.”

In recent years, Cash has opted more for a spare, singer/songwriter approach.

2 Responses to “Rosanne Cash signs with Manhattan Records”

  1. […] Roseanne Cash signed a new record deal with Manhattan Records. […]

  2. Mary Pominville Says:


    Would like very much for your company to have a listen to three songs I’ve written both lyrics and music. One in the early nineties, another in 2005, and the other 2006. Produced the first CD 2005 and the second Under America’s Azure Sky 2007. Produced, arranged mastered and mixed by Don Turney, DKS Productions. Copyright on file with the Library of Congress. Lady Liberty archieved with Ellis Island 2005.

    July 24th 2007 from the desk of Governor M. Michael Rounds.

    Thank you so much for sending me your CD entitled “Under America’s Azure Sky” All three songs are wonderful-I especially like the song “Four Presidents on a Mounatain.” It made me wonder if you have ever been to Mt. Rushmore to see the four faces. I wish you the best of luck with your talent of writing lyrics and music. Again, thank you.


    M.Michael Rounds

    Equally, I recieved a very nice letter from Donald Trump, who received my first CD Lady Liberty. He liked it very much.

    The Cd is on it’s way!

    Mary Pominville

    cc:file 7/29/2007

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