Clear Channel’s Threat to the Future of Music – FMC Prepares Special Surprise for the Media Giant

Future of Music Alert | July 6, 2007

Dear Newsletter Reader,

This is a first for the Future of Music Coalition. We don’t usually send you anything but newsletters or conference information. But occasionally, a situation comes along that is so outrageous, so patently unfair that we must take immediate action.

Given our work on radio deregulation, payola and other media issues over the years, you might not be surprised that the situation involves Clear Channel. The current issue is so important that we are dedicating an entire week’s worth of FMC blog posts to it starting this Monday, July 9. The coverage will culminate on Friday, July 13 with a special surprise for Clear Channel.

So, what has us so outraged? It’s very simple. Clear Channel, which was just investigated for payola by the FCC, is engaging in a new type of questionable practice: requiring indie artists to waive royalties for consideration to get airplay. We’ve sent out a press release and posted this blog entry documenting the situation, but Clear Channel still doesn’t seem to get it.

So please, if you care about the future of music and musicians, take a moment and click here to add our blog to your RSS feeds. And send this link to all your music-loving, music-making friends. You won’t want to miss a single word.

We’ll lay out the situation fully on Monday, but definitely tune in to cut through Clear Channel’s static. And most of all, don’t forget about the special surprise on Friday. We know Clear Channel won’t.


Jenny Toomey
Executive Director
Future of Music Coalition

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