New Release: Bobby Flores – Neon Nights

Let me say first that Bobby Flores is a fine person in my books. He treated my son and I very kindly in Texas last fall and has been a wonderful supporter of TCB for many years. He went out of his way to make us feel welcome in a strange country and it did not go unnoticed

— but in addition you’ll  be hard pressed to find a more talented musician in or outside of Texas and his knack for musicial arrangements on classic songs is bar none the best I’ve ever run across. His latest CD is “Neon Nights”

I put it into the changer immediately and put on track #4 and was not disappointed with the stunning instrumental arrangement of Spanish Eyes.  This album is another in a string of winners for Bobby….more on this one soon…


  1. Country Girl
  2. I’m So Afraid Of Losing You Again
  3. The Same Old Memories
  4. Spanish Eyes
  5. Talk Back Trembling Lips
  6. Case Of Sorrow
  7. I Hate You
  8. Who’ll Be The First To Say (I Told You So)
  9. I Let My Mind Wander
  10. A Stranger Was Here
  11. Make The World Go Away

2 Responses to “New Release: Bobby Flores – Neon Nights”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    can i buy any of your records in stores? if so let me no i need this music bad……….

  2. Hello Jack – you can purchase the music directly from Bobby online at I promise you won’t be disappointed in any of his projects. He’s one of the best!

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