Just In: US Court of Appeals denies Stay in CRB ruling

TCB editorial to come shortly…..although this comes as no surprise – keep making noise folks — www.savenetradio.org — get those phones ringing on the Hill — the rates are set to take effect July 15th.


RAIN has learned that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit has denied webcasters’ “Motion to Stay” the new webcast royalty rates, further dimming Internet radio’s hopes against crushing fees going into effect Sunday, July 15th.

On May 30th, various groups representing webcasters filed an appeal of the Copyright Royalty Board’s March 2nd determination on the rates webcasters pay to play copyright music on the Internet. At that time, DiMA (the Digital Media Association, representing large webcasters), small webcasters, and NPR (National Public Radio) also filed “Motions for Stay,” requesting the Court place a hold on the CRB’s decision while the appeal progresses (reported in RAIN here).

The Department of Justice (which represents the CRB in defending their decision) and SoundExchange each filed oppositions to the Motion for Stay. (Attorney David Oxenford has more detail on the “Motion for Stay” arguments in his Broadcast Law Blog.)

RAIN will report further on this story in the morning.


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