Webcasters Situation Worsens as SoundExchange Claims DiMA has Misrepresented Deal

TCB Note: Here we go again….I take you back to my previous editorial on this topic HERE

Please keep the pressure up on Congress to support the Internet Radio Equality Act. Visit www.savenetradio.org for more information!



Reportedly talks have broken down again between the webcasters represented by Jon Potter and Digital Media Association (DiMA) and Sound Exchange (the RIAA appointed collection agent for digital performance royalties from webcasters).

For more details see the Wired News Article Summary of Letters Exchanged between SoundExchange (RIAA) and DiMA – link

It is important to note that if the deal breaks down due to a lack of communication, disinformation or even a real misunderstanding — SoundExchange falls back on the exorbitant rate set by the Copyright Royalty Board, which will reportedly cripple many webcasters (particularly the small ones).

A big round of Applause to Congressman Markey and his staff for trying to get this resolved. It may be the Congressman’s intervention that will make all the difference here.

[Disclosure – I am a former DiMA Board Member and EVP Strategy and General Counsel at Live365 and was involved in the first negotiations on webcaster royalty]

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