Missing Parsons Alert

gram parsons painting 

Raleigh, NCThirty-four years after Gram Parsons’ lifeless body was stolen from LAX airport, Gram Parsons is missing once again.  This time, it’s in the form of an original work of art in the image of  the late musician.   


The hunt is on for a painting by artist, Chris Kro of recording artist, Gram Parsons, best known as the front-man for the Flying Burrito Brothers, and The Byrds.   The painting, which was on display above a sound booth at The Hideaway BBQ, was discovered missing sometime around July 11th but is believed to have been stolen on July 10th.    


Due to the sentimental value of the painting, the owners are offering a reward in the amount of $500 for the safe return of the one-of-a-kind art piece, with no questions asked.   

They are also asking the public to keep their eyes out on eBay, craigslist, and pawn shops and report any information on its whereabouts to Marianne Taylor at the Hideaway BBQ. 


 “We are very proud of this piece and displayed it prominently in the club.  Gram’s music has been an inspiration to the all of us, and we’d really like to have it back” declared Ryan Reavis, the manager of the venue which specializes in BBQ, country and Americana music.


Interest in the late Gram Parsons has been growing enormously since his untimely death in 1973, a story which has become legendary.  After an accidental over-dose in 1973 at the Joshua Tree Inn, Parsons’ friend and tour manager, Phil Kaufman set out to fulfill a pact.  Two months before his death, Gram made an ominous request of Kaufman, asking that upon his death, his body be brought to Joshua Tree, and set ablaze to set his spirit free.  When news of Parsons’ death reached Kaufman, he kept his promise by borrowing a hearse, stealing the body of Gram Parsons from LAX airport (which was set to be flown to a burial site in Louisiana) and journeyed to the desert to burn his remains. 


When learning of the stolen painting, artist, Chris Kro’s immediate response was, “I hope they don’t burn it!”


More famous in death than in life, Parsons’ fans are rabid collectors of the musical icon’s memorabilia.  Several posthumous recordings, books, and films continue to be released in response to the growing demand for Gram Parsons-related material.  One such offering is a previously-unreleased live recording of the Flying Burrito Brothers from 1969, due out in the Fall of 2007 on Amoeba Records. 


Devoted fans, determined to see Gram Parsons get the recognition he deserves, have started an online petition to get Gram Parsons inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  With over 800 signatures collected at the time of this press release, they are over 80% of the way toward their goal of 1000. 

More on The Hideaway BBQ:

Opening it’s doors in October 2006, The Hideaway BBQ is Raleigh’s newest & most beautiful live music venue & BBQ restaurant bringing you the best national, regional, and local musical acts, and boasts more cool memorabilia than anywhere east of the Mississippi.

More on Chris Kro: 

The Michigan-based artist creates specialized art pieces inspired by roots, Americana and country music artists.  Examples of his work can be found at: 



If you have any information on the stolen Gram Parsons painting, please contact: 


Marianne Taylor

The Hideaway BBQ


2210 Capitol Blvd. – Raleigh, NC



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