Royalties… a week later

Royalties… a week later

Over the past few weeks I’ve corresponded with literally thousands of internet radio listeners, most of them amazed that their calls actually made a difference. Well they did. Even the most entrenched industry can be resisted by a large and engaged public. To see your voice in action, see Rep. Jay Inslee (D-WA) speak forceably on the House floor in support of the Internet Radio Equality Act (IREA), which picked up 5 more co-sponsors this week (up to 139 and counting…).

Inslee Floor Pix.png

As you know, the enormous public pressure has propelled us into a supervised negotiation phase. This has begun gingerly, under the watchful eyes of the many representatives who’ve been moved to participation through your calls. We’ve begun a dialogue with SoundExchange to agree on a rate that is fair to both webcasters and artists.

It’s a difficult process, and your ongoing calls continue to make a HUGE difference. Make no mistake, it’s your efforts that initiated this negotiation, and it’s critical that the momentum continues with the Internet Radio Equality Act. To see if your representative has stepped up, see the official sponsor list. Many have yet to act in spite of a deluge of constituent phone calls. If you haven’t called yet, it’s not too late. Just visit savenetradio – all you need is to type in your zip code and you’ll get the contact info. It’s a quick call.

The IREA has both a version in the Senate (Bill# S1353) and House of Representatives (Bill# HR2060), so we’re seeking the support of both houses.

Thanks again, and stay tuned…

Tim (Founder)

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  1. Now it is over here in the UK at nine times the rate the RIAA want check out,,2129109,00.html

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