Putumayo Presents: Americana featured on USA Today’s Pop Candy Podcast


Podcast: Hotline calls, Minnie Driver, Josh Ritter, more

This week’s podcast throws together some memorable calls from last week’s Pop Candy Hotline and several new tunes I’d like you to hear.

NugentFirst up is a reader who had a brush with Ted Nugent. (You don’t really need to know more than that.) Then you’ll hear from another caller who tells me about how he managed to blend his passion for theater with his love for ’80s sitcoms and drag performance, so you don’t want to miss that, either!

As for the music, I play a track from the new Simpsons soundtrack as well as a tune from Minnie Driver‘s new CD, Seastories. Believe it or not, Ryan Adams and Liz Phair appear on the disc; I play one of the songs Adams is featured on.

You’ll also learn about Swedish band The Perishers and Josh Ritter, a great singer/songwriter who’s featured on a new Americana compilation from Putumayo. Listen now:

Download the podcast via iTunes

Stream it as a Windows Media file

See the archive at candypodcast.usatoday.com, and visit my RSS feed for more options. Thank you for listening!

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