Indie Music gets 4x spins on Live365 vs AM/FM Stations  

From a Live365 press release: “Live365 Inc. recently completed a study of its 2006 Internet radio broadcasts which revealed that nearly 56% of its broadcast  music comes from independent artists and labels and not major record labels. This statistic underscores how Internet radio helps promote new, emerging artists while also expanding musical diversity as the AM/FM radio industry consolidates station ownership and play formats.

“Mark Lam, CEO of Live365 pointed out: “Only 10-13% of AM/FM music is from independent artists and labels, so we spin four times as much indie music as AM/FM. Our 10,000 DJ’s are opening up the diverse spectrum of musical genres and artists while AM/FM program formats narrow it. I see this statistic as a genuine reflection of what music DJ’s will play when the choice is driven by what people like rather than profits.”

“The Live365 study further showed that well over 70% of all the unique songs played were from independent artists and labels versus the four major music labels.”

3 Responses to “Indie Music gets 4x spins on Live365 vs AM/FM Stations”

  1. The conclusions are plausible, but I find anything that Live365 says tough to swallow.

    I spent a few years streaming with Live365 earlier in this decade. I found them to be somewhat less than honest and forthcoming with their broadcasters in matters of policy and data.

    I find it amusing that Live365 is now reporting on what plays on Internet Radio. Live365 has a history of struggling to provide complete and accurate reporting about the tracks that are aired on their own service.

  2. I certainly respect your opinion and input and wouldn’t even attempt to negate your personal experiences and I’ve enjoyed your broadcasts as well – most recently your interview with Joey Allcorn.

    Personally here at TCB we’ve had broadcasting experiences with them as well and they have always been reliable, accessible and extremely helpful but perhaps we didn’t have too much of a need for intricate data collection as ours was primarily meant as a supplementary station that showcased the music we supported via our website.

    On an additional note I’ve sat on the SaveNetRadio coalition as the RMA’s representative and have become familiar with them on a completely different level and I honestly believe that they are extremely supportive of independent music and are willing to go the ‘nth degree to protect its right to be heard. They’ve been active, vocal, provocative and forthcoming at all times.

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