New Release: Roger Wallace – It’s About Time

TCB’s favorite son, Roger Wallace, has a new album out titled “It’s About Time” 🙂 (and it is!! I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time!) Ironically enough our first interview with Roger back in 2002 was titled the same:

In Roger’s words:

Well, after a few years of “release dates” come and gone, hemming and hawing, bitching and moaning, and general malfeasance, the new CD is finally here!!  The release party is at Ginny’s Little Longhorn this Saturday night, August 4.

It’s called “It’s About Time”, and it was recorded in about 3 weeks at Jim Stringer’s Music Room and Bruce Robison’s Premium Recording Studio.  Jim & I mixed it, Jerry Tubb mastered it, Dana Lynne took the photos, and I was happy to have Ted Roddy to do the cover design.  The sound is a bit different this time — still definitely country of course (this ain’t my jazz fusion project or nothin’, I promise), but it leans more toward the hillbilly side of things.  It’s a more “in your living room” take on what I do, with a more intimate feel I guess; it’s just me, Stringer, and Brad Fordham or Kevin Smith on bass, with special appearances by Erik Hokkanen, T Jarrod Bonta, and The Lowells.  I wrote or co-wrote all the songs, with the exception of the final track written by Jim Stringer.  That tune is… well, just make sure the kids leave the room…

Anyway, hope you guys can make it out to the CD release this Saturday night at Ginny’s, and hopefully take a CD home with you.  If you can’t make it Saturday night, the CD will be available at Austin record stores and online at, as well as iTunes and other online outlets.

MP3’s from previous album “The Lowdown”

Blow Wind Blow
The Lowdown
Rose Marie

You can find Roger online at or

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