Mike Beck and the Bohemian Saints Are Coming to Montana

Mike Beck and the Bohemian Saints

Perform at the Corral Bar in Big Sky Montana

Thursday August 16,  at 9pm 

Location:  Highway 191 between West Yellowstone and Bozeman

Phone: 406-995-4249

The following night,

Mike Beck and the Bohemian Saints

Will be at the Willow Creek Cafe & Saloon

Willow Creek, Montana

Friday August 17 at 9pm

Location: 21 Main St.
Phone is 406-285-3698

Beck and Saints have had an extremely busy summer performing at festivals and other venues in and around the central coastal area of California sharing stages with artists such as Dave Alvin, Tom Russell, and James McMurtry.  Rooted, Beck’s newest album (on the Reata Record label) has been receiving considerable airplay on Americana stations, rising to #28 nationally on the Roots rock chart.  Beck took a brief time away music this summer when he traveled to Denmark where he conducted a whirlwind series of “horse clinics” in 10 different towns.

Beck has had many musical influences through the years.  Hailing from Monterey, California where Jimi Hendrix burned his guitar, listening to the rock and folk and country sounds of that era, spending many years as a working cowboy and horse trainer, have contributed to Beck’s style which tends to cross several musical boundaries.  He has been described as “Tom Petty meets Buck Owens.”  His original songs such as, Mariposa Wind, John Steinbeck Drank in Here, Amanda Come Home, and Patrick have attracted an eclectic and devoted following among a diverse age group.   They attend his shows and sometimes tape a performance and put it on You Tube.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXef_FtAnv0  

You can listen to selections from Rooted at www.myspace.com/reatarecords

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