Vivian Cash Clears Up Myths And Contradictions In New Publication 20, 2007 6:36 p.m. EST

Kimberly Spice – Celebrity News Service Writer

New York, NY (CNS) – Vivian Cash, the first wife of country legend Johnny Cash, has written her memoirs, which includes untold stories about her life and struggles with one of the most significant musicians in history in a book titled, “I Walked the Line – My Life with Johnny.”

Having the full support of Johnny Cash, the book is a chronicle of Vivian’s life together with letters and photographs along with stories about her endeavors through Johnny’s drug addiction, family life and their divorce in 1968, in addition to the truth behind the songs, “Walk the Line” and “Ring of Fire,” two of Johnny’s biggest hits.

An excerpt posted on the Simon and Schuster webpage posts Vivian’s thoughts when hearing of her estranged husband’s death, “To the world, Johnny was revered as the Man in Black. But to us he was simply Daddy. To the girls, he was their world. And to me he is and will always be my wonderful, caring, protective husband and the father of my children. In disbelief I paced the floor.”

Kathy Cash, one of Vivian’s four daughters with Johnny, tells CMT, “This book is the greatest part of my mother’s legacy as a wife, a grandmother, a matriarch, a mother and, most important, a woman in love.”

“I Walked the Line – My Life with Johnny” will be released September 4.

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