Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees


Proud of East Texas: Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame

The 10th annual Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame welcomed three new members to their galaxy of stars this week in Carthage.  Red Steagall, Bob Luman and Johnny Rodriguez were honored for their contributions to Texas and country music.

Red Steagall, a native of Gainesville, who found stardom as a performer, songwriter and actor, kicked off the entertainment for the standing room only crowd.  Melissa Luman represented her dad, rockabilly star Bob Luman, at the ceremony.  Luman died at the age of 38 in 1975.  Johnny Rodriguez, who burst onto the music scene during the 1970’s as the first Chicano artist, performed a number of his hits including Lonely Women Make Good Lovers and Desparado.

One Response to “Texas Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees”

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