Bo Diddley suffers heart attack

Musician Bo Diddley is in a stable condition in a US hospital after suffering a heart attack.

The 78-year-old singer-guitarist complained of dizziness and nausea during a routine medical check-up on Friday, his publicist Susan Clary said.

He was taken to hospital where he had a stent implanted to improve the blood flow to his heart. Ms Clary said his situation was “very serious”.

Diddley received a lifetime achievement Grammy award in 1998.

He is being treated at North Florida Regional Medical Center, in Gainesville.

Ms Clary said the musician was in stable condition at the hospital’s cardiac care unit after spending the weekend in intensive care.

In May, Diddley – whose real name is Ellas Bates – was treated in hospital after suffering a stroke.

It left no physical disability, but it impaired his speech and speech recognition, his manager said at the time.

In recent years he also lost several toes to diabetes.

Diddley, with his black glasses and low-slung guitar, has been an icon in the music industry since he topped the R&B charts with Bo Diddley in 1955.

His other hits include Who Do You Love, Before You Accuse Me, Mona and I’m a Man.

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