Song of the Day – Aug 30/07 (the full audio is available here)


I had everything,
And lost it all
I built towers of gold
And watched them fall
I tried my best, but I guess my best
Just wasn’t good enough
I made promises and broke them
I’ve laid loved-ones lives wide open
And I’ve got a broken heart, But I’ve come this far
And I ain’t giving up

I pray for a stronger back
I pray for a bigger heart
I pray for the will to keep on walking
When the way is dark
I follow that winding road
I just try to stay on track
I don’t pray for a lighter load
I pray for a stronger back

I’ve seen losers get a second chance
I’ve seen miracles and happenstance
I’ve seen long shots come from way behind
To win the race
And I’ve had dreams blow up in a cloud of smoke
It’s a world of pain, it’s a world of hope
And it’s dark right now, but I know somehow
Someday the sun will find a way
To shine down on my face


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