Upcoming release/tour: Kane, Welch, Kaplin – September 11th 2007

Kane, Welch, Kaplin – 9.11.07

Kane, Welch, Kaplin is the second most added at Americana radio this week!

Fall tour dates announced!

To say that Nashville-based Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin are a band might seem like a simple and straightforward statement. Far from it. It’s nearly written into the collective consciousness to assume that individually successful artists only group themselves into bands loosely and with an air of impermanence–and, in the case of the Traveling Wilburys, jokey pseudonyms and little actual traveling. So, in a loud-and-clear reassertion of band cohesion, the third Kane, Welch and Kaplin album is self-titled. “Pretty clever huh?” says Welch. “We want people to finally understand that we’re a band, not just three solo artists playing for the hell of it.”


Where simple musical math dictates that adding a band member will increase how loud and busy you sound, they add a fourth (Kane’s son Lucas) and simplify. Add to that refreshingly unorthodox, unscripted instrumentation (i.e. no bass or piano and Kaplin’s tendency to play whatever’s lying around) and two distinct songwriting flavors (Kane’s and Welch’s) united by a fluid, rhythmic pulse that give way to a heady oil-and-vinegar-like effect. 



See Kane, Welch, & Kaplin On Tour:

09.06.07    McGonigels Mucky Duck    Houston, TX

09.07.07    Cactus Cafe, UT Student Union    Austin, TX

09.08.07    Blue Door    Oklahoma City, OK 

09.09.07    Summer Breeze Series  Lions Park Norman, OK 

09.14.07    Provincial Museum Theater    Edmonton, Canada 

09.15.07    Beneath the Arch    Turner Valley, Canada

09.16.07    Ironwood Stage and Grill    Calgary, Canada

09.20.07    Ashcroft Opera House    Kamloops. Canada 

09.21.07    Dream Cafe    Penticton, Canada

09.22.07    Saturday Night Special   Calgary, Canada

09.25.07    Hugh’s Room    Toronto, Canada 

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