Song of the Day – Sep 04/07

Thanks to Denise for turning me on to the music of Red Molly — the NY state folk trio is outstanding! Take a listen to Long Island Cowboy and then I dare you not to hit repeat on the audio player!

 More info If they lead on to a path to the discovery of Anthony da Costa then you’ve found the bonus prize in this treasure… (

“Everything Red Molly sings is delivered with tick-tight arrangements, crystalline vocals, and caramel harmonies. But what is most striking is the ardor they bring to everything they do, whether snuggling into the sweet parochialism of an old spiritual, or the gritty pathos of a Gillian Welch tune. They come on less like stars strutting for their minions than pals sharing their favorite songs. In the friendly world of the coffeehouse, that remains a starmaking quality.” -Scott Alarik, The Boston Globe

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Speaking of Red Molly and Anthony da Costa and “Long Island Cowboy”

One Response to “Song of the Day – Sep 04/07”

  1. herman tempelman Says:

    Hi Scott

    You got that right!

    These days “Red Molly” is on the top of my list!

    Hopefully climbing up to the top of the list

    of many other folk.

    Herman T.

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