Welcome back Congress!

Webcaster Coalition Welcomes Progress and Congress Back to Town

Negotiations to Save Internet Radio from Rate Hike Moving Slowly

WASHINGTON D.C. –In a statement released as Congress returned to Washington D.C. after the August recess, SNR spokesperson Jake Ward said that while some progress was made in August it was not enough, and should not satisfy Congress.  “The recent “minimum royalty” agreement between DiMA and SoundExchange was a good start, but there has been no success reported on basic royalty rates that are agreeable and sustainable for any class of webcasters – large, small, public radio, traditional broadcasters or college radio. 

During the August recess SoundExchange unilaterally issued revised small webcaster licenses that it characterized as helpful but were soundly rejected by many, and the Internet radio industry is still teetering on a precipice.” In late July, amid growing public support and an increasing number of cosponsors for the Internet Radio Equality Act, Members of both the House and Senate called on SoundExchange to engage webcasters in good faith discussions during the August recess. 

“Though several Members of have called for negotiated resolutions, SoundExchange seems to be playing out the clock in order to avoid Congressional action.  Now that Congress has returned to Washington we hope they will hold SoundExchange to its word and the modest progress will develop into a full-scale resolution before the end of September.”

For more information on the SaveNetRadio coalition visit www.savenetradio.org

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