Marketing for Musicians: 100 Places to Promote Your Music Online

Thursday, September 13, 2007

By Laura Milligan

So you’ve got the band, the rehearsal space, the songs and you’re ready to play your first show. All your friends will be there, but you’d really like to have a big audience that’s psyched to hear you sing live but you’re just not sure how to get the word out about your band. Not to worry, rockstars of tomorrow, here is a list of 100 great places you can promote your music and increase your fan base online.

Music Forums and Sites

These sites let you upload music, promote new albums or concerts, and get in touch with fans.

  1. At OurStage, you get to “let the fans decide.” Upload your music and have thousands of online listeners vote on what they think is the best new sound. You can even win prizes.
  2. Learn how to upload your music to attract tons of new fans. is hugely popular, so you’ll be getting loads of traffic directed to your music.
  3. SoundClick: lets you search music by category, start a blog, participate in forums, and more.
  4. StarPolish: The good folks at StarPolish are “helping artists help themselves.” Check out this site for a wealth of promotion ideas and opportunities.
  5. MVine: This community-powered website is another place where fans can vote on their favorite artists. Great for indie bands looking for their big break.
  6. Register with, and let the pros do the rest. Get your “music into the charts,” snag an interview, and promote away!
  7. ArtistsFirst is the “global platform for the new music business.” Learn more about this groundbreaking music sharing system by checking out the site.
  8. Total Band Hosting: This excellent resource is perfect for any indie bands new to marketing their sound. Total Band Hosting allows you to set up your own site, organize an online gig book, and more.
  9. NME: This site is full of valuable information on music news: concerts, interviews, festivals, and more. Submit your music and press releases for coverage, or just learn about the places you should be trying to get into.
  10. Artistopia: This site features “total music independence.” Become a member, and you could be one of the indie artist profiles, which would give you and your band tons of exposure.
  11. PureVolume: PureVolume is still a relatively new company, but becoming a member and creating a profile is definitely worth your while.
  12. Music Forte: Talk about your band in the site’s forums, and learn about their Indie Music Promotion plan. Best of all, it’s free!
  13. Music Submit: This site is designed to help up and coming musicians promote their stuff online.
  14. iodaPROMONET: This popular site helps indie bands distribute their music all over the Internet.
  15. Sound of Traffic: Publish your music onto this site and learn how to buy traffic, increase the amount of traffic to your page, and more.

Sell Your Music

Start making a profit when you work with these sites, which are devoted to helping up and coming bands prosper.

  1. is a great resource for new bands looking to make it big. Register for free to sell your music online and post information about concerts.
  2. CD Baby: Sell your own CDs at CD Baby, one of the most popular online music stores out there.
  3. That’s right, isn’t just for bands with high-profile record deals. Click on the “sell your stuff” tab, and start making a little money!
  4. GarageBand: Sell your CDs, learn about upcoming conferences and events, post concert dates, and more on
  5. BeSonic: BeSonic boasts that it is “The Online Music Promotion Service.” Sell your songs on this site, but also take time to browse through other artists’ uploads.
  6. 96 Decibels: This site makes selling your original music easy.
  7. Business and technology writer Sean McManus recommends as one of the best sites for selling your music.
  8. Emubands links indie bands with online stores like Napster and iTunes to help you sell your music.
  9. If you’re an unsigned artist with a great CD, check out for a place to sell your album.
  10. Audio Lunchbox: Keep 65% of all your music’s sales when you decide to link up with this great Web site.
  11. Epictunes: Epictunes is a powerful “online community for unsigned bands.” Sell your music and connect with fans and other artists.
  12. CD Wow!: Sell your CDs with this British-based company.
  13. This British company specializes in digital distribution, and claims to award artists with “one of the best royalty rates on the Internet.”
  14. CD Unsigned: This site markets itself as the place on the Web where music enthusiasts can check out the newest bands and hottest tracks before anyone else.
  15. Earn 100% of the profits when you sell your albums and individual tracks through this site.


Blogging is a great way to network with new fans. Check out these blogs for tips on promoting your music or potential coverage of your band, concerts, and more.

  1. Bob Baker’s The Buzz Factor: Bob Baker’s blog about music promotion is a terrific source for any indie artist.
  2. This article will convince you to start blogging in order to get more buzz for your band.
  3. Band Weblogs: Submit commentary to get the word out about your band.
  4. The author discusses what it’s like to be an indie artist in today’s music world. Learn marketing tips and send Mike an e-mail if you think your band has something great to offer.
  5. CC Music Blogs: This blog is a good resource for staying in touch with the most current music news. Learn how to license your own original works.
  6. It’s About Diversity Blog: This blog promotes non-English language music.
  7. The Secret Music Life of Kat: The author shares clever ideas and tips for marketing your music online.
  8. This article discusses how blogging has influenced music promotion on the Internet.
  9. Online Music Marketing with Jay Moonah: Find good tips for promoting your music on the Web.
  10. Music Library Association: Read this article to get more information about how blogging can change your entire music marketing strategy.
  11. Puddlegum: Check out this valuable article on promoting your blog on the Web site Last.FM.
  12. Check out this blog from Songbird Media Player. They cover new bands, concerts, and music news.
  13. Rewriteable Content: One of the best music news blogs out there, e-mail the authors a tip about your new album.
  14. Indie Music Xposed: This blog is always covering new bands, music news, and the latest tracks to hit the indie music charts. Participate in the forum to give your band a plug.

Internet Radio & Broadcast Resources

Be your own DJ and plug your band’s music. Create a podcast and interview yourself and other members of the band to meet new fans.

  1. Live365: Be your own broadcaster and play whatever you’d like– including your own music.
  2. Cornerworld: This site is another Internet broadcasting service. Play your own music, show your own personal music videos, or introduce yourself via video to fans.
  3. Gcast: Create your own podcast to connect with other bands and online listeners.
  4. Register your band’s music with this site, and they’ll recommend it to listeners with the same musical tastes as you.
  5. PayPlay: This fun, user-friendly site categorizes music by artist, genre, date, mood, and type.
  6. Magnatune: This
    ingenious music resource featured in USA Today allows fans to play your music
    online for free as if listening to a radio station. If they want to download
    the entire album, they can pay a small fee of their choice.
  7. Channel 4 Music: Upload music, comment on blogs, and more.
    features a radio broadcast that plays brand new music.
  9. Play your music on this great online radio that specializes in indie rock music.
  10. BBC Radio One: This site has great advice for promoting your music on the Internet. Check back often to catch up on music and entertainment news.
  11. Ubroadcast: Host your own Internet radio show, during which you can talk about anything or anyone you want!
  12. Upload your best tracks to this online radio network.
  13. Get paid to have your songs on the radio! Learn more by visiting this site.
  14. Special Radio: This resource is great for learning about submission guidelines for sending in your own tracks and albums, finding out about contests, reports, and more.
  15. Pandora: Find out how you can be one of the featured new artists in the Music Genome Project.

File Sharing

Upload your music onto these sites for others to download.

  1. Limewire: Post info about your band on the site’s forum or blog.
  2. Kazaa: Kazaa lets you publish your original songs and promote your blog or Web site.
  3. Upload your music into this site’s library. You can also plug your new songs and meet fans on the forums.
  4. Add your music to the site’s directory of mp3 downloads and ringtones.
  5. ApolloTunes: Create your own personal account and start uploading music to share.
  6. Trackseller: At Trackseller, it’s “nothing but music.” Upload your music into their directory, and they’ll charge the listener each time a song is downloaded.
  7. Into Music: Start your own label and you can begin selling your music online to Into Music.
  8. CDfuse: CDFuse offers your fans free downloads, so there’s no limit to the number of people who can check out your sound.
  9. At, they’re “dedicated to the development and exposure of unsigned bands and artists.” Upload your music here, and you’ll know you’re in good hands.
  10. Broadjam: Broadjam offers an extensive library of music downloads, offers Web hosting capabilities, and features a Top 10 category.
  11. iSOUND: “Live life loud” when you log on to iSOUND. Create a profile and talk about your band, upload photos of concerts, and download cool music.
  12. This resource connects music fanatics with several great download sites across the Web. Find out how your music can be included in their libraries.
  13. Tradebit: Upload and download your music on this great site.
  14. Tunecore: Sell your uploads here.
  15. Netunes: “It’s all about the music” at Netunes, where they let your fans download your tracks for free.
  16. Submit your music so that your friends can download and share your tracks for free.

Networking Sites

Connect with old and new fans by creating a profile with one or several of these networking communities.

  1. Facebook: If you’re not already on Facebook, then it’s time to go ahead and join. Post upcoming concerts on your profile or use the invite tool to share with friends the details of your next gig.
  2. HearMySpace: This article shows you the “top five ways to promote music on MySpace.”
  3. Bebo: Another social networking site, Bebo is a fun community perfect for promoting your band and advertising upcoming gigs.
  4. iJamr: Network with other bands and fans and encourage your friends to join this community to help get the word out about your music.
  5. Tagets: Sell your music directly to your fans with the help of Tagets.
  6. This site helps “musicians connect with their fans.”
  7. The Music Network: This site is a community of the best music blogs and forums out there.
  8. Talk about music, pop culture, and other entertainment news when you log onto
  9. Upload photos and videos of your band in action to attract new fans.
  10. Share photos and video with other members. Talk about your band and learn about what other artists are up to in group chatrooms.
  11. imeem: imeem is a powerful resource for musicians to promote their albums at the same time they connect with fans, old and new.

Other Sites and Resources

From promotional materials to forums to blog ideas, these items will help you promote your songs and concerts.

  1. Build your own website: Click on the link to get great start up tools for building your own website.
  2. Use WordPress to start your own blog: WordPress is free and easy to use.
  3. CafePress: Sean McManus’ genius marketing intuition has led him to suggest visiting Create promotional items like T-shirts or coffee mugs with your band’s logo. Sell them at concerts or on your website.
  4. Publish flyers, newsletters, and more by using Lulu’s excellent self-publishing tools.
  5. Moocsounds: This site is great for classical musicians. Sell your tracks and promote your group here.
  6. FourFront Media and Music: Get excellent tips for marketing and promoting your band on the Web.
  7. Promoting Your Music Online: Check out this Ezine article for more information on how to promote your music online.
  8. Music Tweak: Get your band noticed with the help of Music Tweak.
  9. Ignite Image: Use the professional advice offered at Ignite Image to give your band the boost it needs.
  10. Plug your band’s best tunes while checking out other artists’ newest hits.
  11. Feature your own podcast on this website. Talk about your music, upcoming concerts, and website.
  12. Evolvor: This blog is a fantastic resource for musicians who want to learn new marketing strategies.
  13. EZPowell Music Distribution Company: Read articles to find out how to book an interview and become a master at Internet marketing.
  14. Upload your music into their library, and it could be sent to someone as an mp3 Musicgram.

Every great band had to start somewhere, and with these tools and resources for promoting your music, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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  1. thanks for links

  2. Laura,
    Great job with your Promo listings. I’ve worked in the music business over 25 years and most folks don’t offer the young bands guidance without any strings attached…
    Greg Philippi
    Managing Partner
    East of Sideways Music

    Greg’s site;

  3. […] facebook, mailing lists, cheap text pay-as-you-go packages, forums of bands who influence you etc. All these tools can be used for free or very cheap. When I’m playing promoter I personally don’t use or like […]

  4. Thanks for the link. I just wanted to say that I don’t recommend Arkade above any other site – I’ve included links to as many music distribution sites as possible (including Arkade) so that artists can make their own minds up which offers the best deal for them. I don’t have personal experience of dealing with most of those sites.

    The list is regularly updated here:

  5. Wow, thank you for putting this list of links together. This is very useful.

  6. Great information here, well done!
    I would also like to mention who are the cheapest digital distributor with the largest coverage ( over 700 stores )
    They were the frist company to get an unsigned artist into the UK top 40 and still the only distributor to give you a fixed release date

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks for the info! I’ve been doing good with my CD(” Young Pro”) but now I hope to be doing even better. Again thanks alot. Check me out on

  8. Let me know if get another 100 sites.

  9. Thanks for all the advice and links…

  10. esteban giraldo Says:

    thanks!! I`ll share with my friends in Colombia.

  11. Hi,

    Would just like to mention our website

    We offer a free merchandising shop as well as our soon to be launched audio ads where bands make 50% of all revenue we make. In addition, bands make all the money of an individual sale of mp3s minus paypal.


  12. nice work dude God bless u

  13. You can promote your band online at a lot of music promotion sites

  14. Hey! My name is Nick Gill. I’m an 18 yr. old singer/songwriter. I’ve just finished my 3rd album. It was recorded at Fudge Recording Studio (Better Than Ezra’s private studio) in New Orleans, La and was produced by Jack Miele (The Molly Ringwalds)and Jacques DeLatour.
    It’s now available on iTunes!

  15. Thanks, This is very resourceful, I have used a few of the promotion sites on the list, and have had good results and lots of song downloads.
    I once heard, the best way to market yourself is to be everywhere – this post makes it a little easier.

    Also wanted to mention our website

    Free Promotion to Canadian Musicians.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks so much for the links..

  17. Great Article. I would advise artists to also check out They provide the largest global distribution channel in the world without monthly or annual fees. They’re also the only music distributor that helps artists market and promote music with an unmatched online marketing campaign! voted best music services by musicians

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