Record Labels Still Using P2P Networks for Research

By Eliot Van Buskirk EmailSeptember 19, 2007 | 8:55:48 AMCategories: RIAA Lawsuits  

Mediadefender With all of the attention paid to the RIAA’s campaign against file sharers, it may come as a surprise that record labels also regard P2P networks as useful tools for measuring the actual or potential popularity of songs.  This is nothing new; a company called BigChampagne has been providing such data to labels for years.

Still, it’s somewhat somewhat surprising that the labels bash at P2P with one hand while extracting valuable data with the other — and perhaps more surprising still that the labels sometimes even use the same company for both endeavors.  A MediaDefender email that was recently leaked onto BitTorrent reveals that Interscope Records used P2P data to try to choose which song to feature as the single for some sort of Pussycat Dolls-related project, based on how a leaked version of the song is performing on the P2P networks:

“Nicole from pussy cat dolls has a single called ‘whatever u like’. It’s not selling well on itunes or playing that great on radio. A song called ‘Baby Love’ just leaked (I don’t know how long ago). Interscope wants to know if Baby Love is picking up steam on p2p. They need to make a decision by early next week on whether they should switch to this song as the single. Please get me a score comparison on Monday for these two tracks. Also, please put beyonces, fergie, gwen, and nelly furtado singles as comparisons.”

This could mean that if people were to stop trading Pussy Cat Dolls songs on P2P, they might finally go away.  Together, we can make that dream a reality.

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