Mike Beck’s Newest CD, Rooted, Rises to Number 28 on Roots Rock Chart in US

Mike Beck has had an extremely busy summer performing at festivals in his native California and touring through some of his old stomping grounds in Nevada and Montana, sharing stages with artists such as Dave Alvin, Tom Russell, Tom Ayres and James McMurtry.  He has been thrilled to see his latest CD, Rooted, (Reata label) receiving considerable attention  on Americana stations in the US, rising to #28 on the national Roots rock chart.  

Beck has had many musical influences through the years.  Hailing from Monterey, California where Jimi Hendrix burned his guitar, listening to the rock and folk and country sounds of that era, spending many years as a working cowboy and horse trainer, have contributed to Beck’s style which tends to cross several musical boundaries.  He has been described as “Tom Petty meets Buck Owens.”  His original songs such as, Mariposa Wind, John Steinbeck Drank in Here, Amanda Come Home, and Patrick have attracted an eclectic and devoted following among a diverse age group.   They attend his shows and sometimes tape a performance and put it on You Tube.  Here is a link to a song a fan posted from a performance in Monterey, California.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXef_FtAnv0 

For more information about Beck’s schedule and to listen to selections from Rooted check out: www.myspace.com/reatarecords 

Beck took a brief time away music this earlier this summer and he traveled to Denmark for a  whirlwind series of “horse clinics” in 10 different towns. 

He returned to Europe this week with stops in Norway, Sweden, England and Denmark on his calendar.

Beck encountered an unusual fan on his first morning in Norway.  Still feeling jet lagged he woke early and when he stepped outdoors at the horse farm where he was staying, noticed a moose in a nearby field watching him.  Makes one wonder if the moose might be thinking of signing up for a training session with this hippie cowboy singer who talks to horses.

Beck has four days of horse work in Sweden, then back to Norway for some private work and then to England for some music gigs before heading to Denmark for 6 more days of horse clinics before heading home to California.

What Others Say About Mike Beck


…Beck’s a guitarist steeped in the Bakersfield sound, and writes excellent and evocative songs. Earlier albums trace his cowboy life, Mariposa Wind being the best. Beck’s new one, Rooted, is a departure of sorts. “George Orwell’s 113th Dream” is evidence, as is one of the more subtle, moving anti-war songs around, “Amanda Come Home”, a mercy plea for a woman he knows who’s stationed in Iraq. Rooted also boasts a nakedly emotional “I Want You”, one of the best Dylan covers you’ll ever hear. This is intelligent and genuine Americana music by a man who’s tamed wild horses the world over, spent many nights around the fire at cowboy gatherings. When Mike Beck shakes the pucky off his boots and plugs in his B-bender guitar to sing his song, he’s got something to say… and his new album captures his evolving artistry very, very well…

Doug Lang, Freight Train Boogie



I’ve always been drawn to music that has soul. Music that has roots, a voice with some reality to it. That’s what makes Mike Beck with his music and poetry so refreshing to me. His art comes from his life. He has lived the life he sings about….Listen to his music. It’s as real, as raw, and as inviting as the romantic life he has led. It takes you in and leads you to another time, another life. It’s not a John Wayne movie. It’s not a Nashville singer wearing a western hat. It’s Mike Beck, and he’s the real thing…

Walkin’ Jim Stoltz



..here is a fellow who has found value in a heritage from the past that is fast disappearing.  Mike understands the mind of the cow horse and it lives in his strings.  And the words are true.  Keep on pickin’and writing and ridin’…

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott


Mike Beck…blends a mastery of guitar with a feel for the old and new west. He stands as one of my all time favorites….

Rob Quist


Mike Beck writes about the people, landscapes, and emotions of the American West, which he knows intimately…Beck’s West is not the sometimes overblown caricature of drama, but the quiet intimacy of the Mariposa wind…the sound of leather creaking in a rider’s saddle, and the mingling of cultures and languages…original tunes reinforce Beck’s place alongside Michael Martin Murphey, Tom Russell, and Ian Tyson…as a poet of the modern West with a distinctive viewpoint….

[KD] Dirty Linen Folk Music magazine 



“Mike’s…not re-recording the old Hollywood matinee music from the 30’s and 40’s. You’ve got to have focus and keep producing good stuff. I think he walks that… He’s better than all those newer western guys…

Ian Tyson, Canada 


“Mike is one of those with the cowboy in his heart…songs are filled with braided rawhide and mission bells… Listen up friend”…

Tom Russell, Texas


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