Rule # 12321415: Never ask a child or a senior citizen anything unless you want to know the truth…

Louvin’s take on country music stars

Friday, September 21, 2007

Charlie Louvin loves singers Leona Williams and Melba Moore, but is less enamored of today’s country stars.

 “I’m thrilled with the career of George Strait. He’s one of the few people who’s stayed true to his music.”

 “When Reba (McEntire) started out, I thought nobody could beat her. Now she overdoes it. And she records these trashy songs.”

“I liked Alan Jackson. I wish he’d record a dozen more `Back in the Real Worlds.'”

 “I thought Dierks Bentley would be a great addition to country music, but now he does anything his producer thinks will sell.”

 “I’m not taking nothing away from Lucinda (Williams), but we’ve gotten as good a reception as they have (on this tour).”

 “Tammy Wynette is my all-time favorite singer. We sang gospel songs together at a lot of friends’ funerals.”

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