Hall of Famer Ray Price’s 82nd Birthday Concert in Tyler, TX

Country Music Hall of Fame Member Ray Price will perform in concert on his 82nd birthday  at 7pm, Saturday, January 12, 2008  at Caldwell Auditorium, 300 S. College Street in Tyler, Texas.

Born Noble Ray Price in Perryville, Texas, on January 12, 1926, he worked on his family farm in East Texas during his early years.  The family later moved to Dallas when Ray was a  teenager.  He attended North Texas Agricultural College in Arlington, Texas, where he studied veterinary medicine, but left college to join the Marines in World War II.


In 1946, Ray resumed his college studies, but his love of music could not keep him away from playing as much as he could.  He left his veterinary studies to pursue his dream of music.  After leaving college, Ray landed a spot on the prestigious “Big D Jamboree”, where he gained national exposure when parts of the show were broadcast over the CBS Radio Network.  Ray’s continued success on the program gave him his first major break and he was signed by Columbia Records in 1951. 

He then moved to Nashville and became close friends with Hank Williams.  Together they co-wrote the hit song “Weary Blues from Waitin’”. Ray performed on many shows with Williams and filled in for him many times when he was unable to perform.  At one time Ray and Hank shared a house in Nashville.  Hank Williams is credited for helping Price to gain a spot on the Grand Ole Opry and paving the way for him to become one of the most-significant artists in the history of Country Music.

Ray’s band, “The Cherokee Cowboys” has been a training ground for legendary artists and musicians.  Some of the artists who have worked in Price’s band include; Willie Nelson, Roger Miller, Johnny Paycheck, Darrel McCall, Johnny Bush, Frenchie Burke, Buddy Emmons and Jimmy  Day. 

From 1952 to the present, Ray has compiled one of the most distinguished lists of hit records in Country Music.  He is credited with producing the most emotional “honky tonk” music ever recorded.  His lushly-arranged Country-Pop ballads have now become standards in Country Music.  His hits include; “For The Good Times”, “Release Me”, “Night Life”, “Crazy Arms”, “Heartaches By The Numbers”, “City Lights”, “Danny Boy”, and hundreds more.

He continues to play to sold-out audiences throughout the world, performing more than 100 concerts each year.  He is still one of the most-active touring artists in all of Country Music, taking his music to The White House, Symphonys, Performing Arts Centers, Fairs, Casinos, Nightclubs and Arenas.

in 1996, Ray Price received the highest honor in Country Music, when he was inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame.  He was presented the award by his long-time friend, Kris Kristofferson, whe termed Ray “A living link between Hank Williams and the country singers of today”.   He was placed in The Texas Music Hall of Fame in 2000, and was honored  with the 2004  “Pioneer Award” from the Academy of Country Music.Ray continues to record, and with the release of his newest solo  album , “Time”, he continues to receive critical acclaim by the major music trade papers, live audiences, and his peers.  His new album is pure, traditional country.  “You don’t hear a lot of that on the radio these days”, he says.He recently recorded an album with his friends Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.  Titled “Last of The Breed”, the CD  has received critical acclaim and the trio completed a 40 -city sold-out tour in September of 2007

To say that Ray Price helped make revolutionary changes, sometimes controversial changes,  in Country Music would be an understatement.  Ray Price still has the velvety voice and it has remained remarkably unchanged.  He has stayed with his sound throughout the years and commands the respect of the young artists of today’s Country Music.

Seating is General Admisson.  Advance tickets are priced at $35 and will be $40 at the door.  For information and credit card orders, please phone toll-free 877-560-0098.  The event is presented by Landmark Productions and KKUS Radio, “The Ranch”, of Tyler, TX.

9 Responses to “Hall of Famer Ray Price’s 82nd Birthday Concert in Tyler, TX”

  1. Ray was my moms favorite singer and he is my favorite. What a voice !!!

  2. Ray Price deserves all the acolades offered in country music. He is , by far , the best singer, showman, professional, dedicated entertainer . No one ,past or present has the voice to match Ray’s .
    I am planning on flying in from Toronto ,Canada to attend Ray’s 82nd birthday concert in Tyler.
    Long live Ray Price

  3. Charles Rush Says:

    Ray is as good as it gets! I have seen him several times over the years and love all his music, he warmed my parents heart and was my dad’s favorite especially after mom died when I was 13. He just knows how to make the world go awayyyy



  5. Dave Risser Says:

    Dear Mr. Price:

    I’ve been a fan of yours for over 30 years. I’m a huge country music fan…and I think you’re one of the best there is! I wanted to write you “snail mail” but couldn’t find an address so I’m having to do it this way.

    I’m a “product” of the 70’s Country, and I really enjoy that era of country music. I hope you are well and enjoying life. I’ve always wanted to meet you, and see you perform live in concert. Maybe someday.

    I’m wondering if I can talk you into doing me a bit of a favor. I’ve got quite a little collection of Country Stars that I’ve collected over the years…autographed pictures, and I would like to be able to add yours to it. Would you please send me a recent and autographed picture that I can frame, and hand on my wall…I have The Statler Brothers, The Oak Ridge Boys, Barbara Mandrell, Crystal Gayle, and several others that I have ready to hang. I’d sure like to b able to add yours to that collection. It would be a great honor.

    Take care of yourself, and than you for your time. I will be anxiously awaiting your reply. Truly Yours: Dave

    My Address is:

    Dave Risser
    P O Box 372
    Wendover, Utah 84083

  6. Diane Kennedy Says:

    Hope your 82nd. was a fun time, I find it hard to believe that’s your age, though!! I have enjoyed your music for most of my years, you have a very distinct,mellow voice.

    I saw you for the first last year in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada. You were suffering with a cold but your voice was wondeful, Your range is amazing, many people have difficulty as they grow older, but your voice was as smooth as a fine, aged wine or cognac!!! You must gain much satisfaction touring the world & giving people your gift of music. It is a specail gift, music transcends our daily lives and takes us to another place in time. Thank you so much for sharing the gifts God has given you.

    I have listened to your Cd’s in my car regularly for 1 year, they relax me & bring me peace. My daughter, Donna, died last September from Cancer, a 10 year survivor. I was her caregiver, nurse and mother & walked this journey with her. Your concert was such a bright light in my life as we began this final journey. I lived with her until she died and nursed her at home,as that was her wish.

    I now shall be leaving to live in that home,now making it once more my home, from spring until November.

    I wish you good health and a long life to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

    Cheers, have a safe summer,

    Diane Kennedy

  7. virgie phillips Says:

    anyone that wants to email RAY PRICE they can do it at

  8. The only time I saw you in person was in 1963 or 64 at the old Madison Square Garden in New York, when about at least 20 from the Grand Ole Oprey were there along with you. Everybody was able to song only 1 or 2 songs, there were so many there. I think that was the biggest Grand Ole Oprey line-up show outside the Oprey itself. I still have the original program for that show. It’s a great souviner. / Gary Horn Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada / P.S. – The Grand Ole Oprey is not the Oprey I remember growing up with listening. Mostly so-called country singers, one song hit and they are Oprey members. I attended Thursday’s Classic Country night, thoroughly enjoyed it, would go again.

  9. John Frame Says:

    Hi Ray, You truly are amazing, you actually became a better singer as you got older! Well at least your songs became classics! HaHa
    My favourites being “For The Good Times” and “She Got To Be A Saint”

    I was born in ’42 and heard some of your beginnings, but I truly thought
    you got better with age.

    Keep up the good work Ray!

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