IBWIP Episode #7 now available – William Elliot Whitmore!

It’s that time again. IBWIP has their brand new podcast uploaded and available for listen. This episode features William Elliot Whitmore….to be honest he’s a new name to me but one I am definitely happy to have discovered via this podcast. The guys and gals at IBWIP just seem to keep making a great thing better! Here’s the direct link to the podcast: here

“William Elliott Whitmore”

It Burns When I Pee keep’s throwing great interviews and music at you, and it is no different with Episode #7. In this episode we have a great interview with William Elliott Whitmore. William is an amazing singer and songwriter and we were honored to have him on the show. We play three of his songs throughout the show. We also have Jared Morningstar on the show, and he will be reviewing Robbie Faulks’ album Revenge. We also play another song from our new favorite band from Germany, HANKCASH. And finally as an added bonus, we have Peter Chestnut back on the show. For those of you who have listened to Episode #1 you’ll remember Peter. Please be advised, you may want to have grandma and the kids leave the room when Peter gets on the mic. We announce the winner of our IBWIP Photo Contest and give you details on the William Elliott Whitmore Trivia Contest. So download the show and enjoy more great REAL country music. Don’t forget to check out our on-line store as well.

MySpace and our On-Line Store

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