Upcoming Class for Musicians – Austin Texas

Oct-23-2007 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
International Center of Austin
seminar Room
201 East Second Street
Austin, TX 78701
$30 includes parking, class materials and light refreshments
rsvp by october 19th at
Questions? call 974.7800
Do you own a company, or are you contemplating owning a company that deals with artists? Do you have contractual relationships with these artists? Do you know how to create contractual relationships with these artists? Have you tried to draft your own contract from the internet? The focus of this class will be an explanation of contractual relationships, the language that creates these relationships and how they can and should be memorialized.Some of the topics discussed will include:
• Management agreements
• Publisher agreements
• Record contracts
Learn how to understand/decipher the language of the contract, negotiate the contract, and most importantly, ensure that your contract is a good “deal”.
This class will be taught by Stephen Summer, a local entertainment attorney/Jazz musician. Hosted by the City of Austin Small Business Development Program in partnership with the Lawyer Referral Service of Central Texas

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