IBWIP #8 – Lonesome Wyatt and Halloween Special

It’s that time again – IBWIP has their latest episode (#8) uploaded and ready to roll for your listening pleasure at  www.section86.com


This time its Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards at the forefront as IBWIP presents its first Halloween show. This podcast is gaining an ever increasing audience as they dare to play the music most conventional stations shy away from and this episode is no different. In addition to Lonesome Wyatt and his unique brand of gothic country, you’ll hear Hank III, Joe Buck, Split Lip Rayfield and Porter Hall Tennessee. Supporters of what most refer to as a real country music, Blake and the gang don’t miss a beat with this episode as they progressively step up to the proverbial plate and bat it out of the ballpark.


On a side note I spent sometime the past few days with Joey Allcorn who was featured in episode one and  he made the point of mentioning the podcast during his Houston show, definitely proud that he’d been asked to be the podcast’s first guest. Lots of good things in store at IBWIP and because of that, most imporantly, it means there is more good music waiting in the wings for your ears and more independent artists that will be given much needed exposure. Thanks for all you do Blake – its making a difference out there!

Now go on — go and give this one a listen and when you’d done make sure to check out their past episodes at Section86.com


Episode #1 featuring Joey Allcorn

Episode #2 featuring Jake Penrod

Episode #3 featuring Porter Hall Tennessee

Episode #4 featuring Scott H. Biram

Episode #5 featuring The Hackensaw Boys

Episode #6 featuring The Hank Williams Sr. Special

Episode #7 featuring William Elliott Whitmore

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