TONIGHT: Artists Of Conscience – Radio Special

Here’s a note from my friend Doug Lang about a very special broadcast he’s airing tonight on Vancouver’s community station CFRO –

This special broadcast is part of the station’s fundraising drive. Please support them if you are so inclined but at the minimum tune in and hear a wonderful collection of artists who have made an impact with their music and their personal commitment to making this old world a little better place.

 Doug is also a stellar songwriter and performer and you can check him out at He’s one of the best and I’ve heard many – trust me on that one!

 Duke’s two hour broadcast “Better Days”airs every Thursday night at 10:00 PST on for those who would like to listen online. If you’re lucky on the night you tune in Doug may be doing an instudio performance of one of his own songs as he is inclined to do from time to time. Enjoy!

Artists Of Conscience

Sunday, October 28th

5:30 to 9:00 pm

CFRO 102.7 fm

webcast @

As part of the final day of Co-Op Radio’s Fall Member Drive, I’ll be hosting a three-and-a-half hour special called Artists Of Conscience, folk and roots music from people whose shared knowing contributes to the world inwhich we live.  In particular, the show is intended to be an acknowledgement of those artists who have, in their music and in their lives, carried the torch, thrown seeds, awakened our sense of responsibility, and lifted our hearts. There are a lot of them,  and I’ll get to as many as the time allows.

Please make a point of tuning in. If you have never been a member of CFRO and would like to take that step, the call-in number is (604) 684-8494. If you are a member but your membership has lapsed, or is about to, I welcome you to extend your membership into the future. Memberships are $50 for a year, pennies a day. We also have what are called “Monthly Sustainer”  memberships, where you pledge anywhere from $10 per month upwards.  These help maintain a cash flow for emergency expenses. Donations are welcomed. We do these Member Drives twice a year; your support keeps the station on the air.

If you would like to help out with the show, come down to the station at Suite 110 – 360 Columbia Street (a half block north of Hastings on the east side of Columbia) and push the entry buzzer. We can always use more telephone volunteers, especially during a longer show like this one. If you can spare even an hour, please do so. It’s all for a good cause and you’ll feel good for doing it.


Doug Lang

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