IBWIP #9 – Wayne Hancock

Alrighty — I’ve  been waiting this special episode of my favorite podcast since I heard that Wayne Hancock was going to be the special guest. I just finished listening to a preview that was graciously provided me and man, if they haven’t gotten better once again. There’s just something about grassroots efforts to promote and preserve roots music that inspires me. We’ve been with these guys since the beginning and we’re pretty proud of the momentum they’re gaining! 

What makes IBWIP that much more entertaining for me is the fact they have fun while doing it! This week’s episode has a whole lot more of what you’ve come to expect from the crew, including a new song from Jake Penrod, an interview with Wayne ‘the Train’, giveaways and great country music of the ‘real’ kind….

 Check them out at: www.section86.com They’ve also got a great archive of their past episodes! Tell ’em we said hello!

2 Responses to “IBWIP #9 – Wayne Hancock”

  1. again…many thanks to TCB. Yall are great people. Thanks for supporting the show.


  2. You’re most welcome Blake – I really look forward to each new episode 🙂

    Thanks so much for the new ad for TCB as well! It made me smile….nice to have a new solider in the army so to speak…..

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