Tommy Alverson – Country to the Bone

Tommy Alverson has always been close to the heart of TCB for many reasons – his commitment to making quality country music of the ‘real’ kind being high on the list. I’ve just got his brand new release “Country to the Bone” in the mail today. Expect a full review soon but don’t wait for me to get your hands on this one. Go to and get your own. Palo Duro Records has helped Tommy put his best album out to date.

Track List

1. Country to the Bone (Roy Robinson, David Oxford)

2. Be Real (Doug Sahm)

3.  I Got Here As Fast As I Could (Tommy Alverson)

4. I Can’t Convince My Heart (Clay Blaker)

5. Just Like Hank (Walt Wilkins, Davis Raines)

6. She Found Something In Me (Jerry Max Lane)

7.  This Buzz is For You (Roy Robinson, Jerri Lynn Robinson)

8. Second Hand Love (Tommy Alverson, Charlie Throckmorton Jr.)

9. I’ll Still Be Around (Jim Lauderdale)

10. Tequila Rose (Roy Robinson, Jerri Lynn Robinson)

11. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye (Mickey Newbury, Doug Gilmore)

12. Upside Down (Brian Burns)

13. Welcome to Paradise (Tommy Alverson)

14. Texas Woman (Tommy Alverson, Charlie Throckmorton, Jr.)

Tommy Alverson – Texas Music Star [Part 1]

Tommy Alverson – Texas Music Star [Part 2]

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