TCB’s Top Picks of 2007

1. Mary Gauthier – Between the Daylight and Dusk

2. Walt Wilkins – Diamonds in the Sun

3. Jesse Dayton/Brennen Leigh – Holdin’ Our Own

4. Seth Walker – self titled

5. porterdavis – Live at Eddie’s

6. Malcolm Holcombe – Wager

7. Merle Haggard – Bluegrass Sessions

8. Moot Davis – Already Moved On

9. Kane, Welch, Kaplin –  self titled

10. Tommy Alverson – Country to the Bone

11. Roger Wallace – It’s About Time

12. Kelly Willis – Translated from Love

13. The Blue Voodoo – Back to the Shack

14. Sharla June – Flyin Without My Wings Again

15. Angela Easterling – Earning Her Wings

16. Dwight Yoakam – Sings Buck

17. Bobby Flores – Neon Nights

18. Cornell Hurd Band – Beyond the Purple Hills

19. Jackson Taylor – Dark Days

20. Doc Marshalls – Honest For Once

Live shows:

1. JT Coldfire – Cancun Rob’s – San Marcos

2. porterdavis – Armadillo Supermoto, Galveston Texas

3. Seth Walker –  Gruene Hall, Gruene Texas

4. John McEuen – Threadgills, Austin Texas

5. Walt Wilkins – Cheatham Street Warehouse, San Marcos, Texas

10 Responses to “TCB’s Top Picks of 2007”

  1. […] Take Country Back’s Top Picks of 2007. Of the ones I’ve heard they’re very excellent choices. […]

  2. […] We would like to express our thank the folks at “Take Country Back” for continuing to recognize the best of country music! To see the entire top 20 visit Taking It Back To The Roots Blog, Here. […]

  3. Thanks so much for including my album on your list! It is an honor.

  4. Thanks goes to you for making such a wonderful album. It was a delight to listen to from beginning to end. All the best with your career and we’re looking forward to your RMA Festival showcase in June!

  5. Hello TCB,

    I just wanted to thank you for including me in your picks for 2007 and also for your ongoing support since my first album. Thanks again and be cool! —–Moot Davis

  6. You’re most welcome Moot…but I have to say you and Pete make it quite easy to support you and your career by putting out two top notch releases in a row! All the best and much continued success to you…

  7. Thanks, TCB, for listing my record in your top 20! It’s great to know that folks out there are listening to independent music. And it’s stations like y’all who help keep independent music happening.

  8. Hellooooo! TCB is the best! Thanks so much for putting me in your top cds of 07. The band, everybody at Palo Duro Records and myself really appreciate you guys!

  9. Jackson Taylor & the Sinners is THE up and coming band of 2009! Look for their upcoming CD release – Aces & Eights – in March.

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