TCB Christmas Countdown #10

We’ll be counting the days to Christmas here at TCB with some familiar treasures and some notable new finds designed to amuse or touch a heart, but always entertain. To kick things off here’s a wonderful recording of Kent Finlay and his self penned Christmas In Luckenbach

MP3 link

Christmas Time In Luckenbach

Aunt Robbie Hinkle is working steady
Cleaning up and cooking, getting ready
Cause Walter’s coming home from A&M
To spend the week with her and Uncle Jim
There’ll be apple strudle and cherry cobbler
And Uncle Jim brought home a turkey gobbler
He hit him in the head with a 50 yard shot
It’s Christmas time in Luckenbach

And the Petches are as busy as a sack of snakes
They spent all morning in the cedar breaks
They cut a nearly perfect Christmas tree
And stood it in the parlor by the blue settee
Now they’re hanging on apples and popcorn strings
Peppermint sticks and pretty paper rings
And there’s a tin foil star to hang at the top
It’s Christmas time in Luckenbach

And there’s a magical man with a beard of white
Making his rounds on Christmas night
There’s gonna be some happy girls and boys
Cause his pickup truck’s loaded down with toys
He’s a joyous sight comin’ round the bend
With that red bandana blowin’ in the wind
There’s a special surprise for every stop
It’s Christmas time in Luckenbach

And early Christmas morning out in every yard
The Luckenbach children are playing hard
Jim Bob’s got a new BB gun
Shooting that tin can looks like fun
And doodle bugs are safer now than Lord knows when
Cause Jenni’s got a jump rope she’s breaking in
She goes skipping along like a river rock
It’s Christmas time in Luckenbach

To every creature it must be clear
It’s a very special time of year
Uncle Ot fed his hogs an extra can of feed
The cows got molasses over cotton seed
And I’ll admit, it must sound wild
But even old man Staedtler almost smiled
And if you know him, that says a lot
It’s Christmas time in Luckenbach

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stop the clock
At Christmas time in Luckenbach

Music and lyrics by: Kent Finlay

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