Rusty Wier needs your help

Rusty has been diagnosed with cancer and needs your help, love and support. Not only are there expenses that need to be taken care of immediately, Rusty will be incurring a lot of additional bills for medications, treatments and medical care. He does not have medical insurance.

Donations to help Rusty can be made via PAYPAL. You do not need a PAYPAL account to make a donation. Proceeds will be directed specifically to medical expenses. Benefit concerts, special events, and further announcements will be posted in the near future on this website. He will also continue to do a few shows he’s already had on the schedule and we will continue to keep you updated as needed.

Donations can be made through paypal at:

One Response to “Rusty Wier needs your help”

  1. Rusty Wier had probably done as much for Texas/Red Dirt music as anybody in the business. I listened to him back when I was a young pup and I listen to him still… even though I am so old I don’t get off the porch much anymore.

    We love ya, Rusty! We want ya to get well so you can keep on chasin’ that Cuervo Gold!

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