A perfect combination – Texas Music and BBQ

Stubb’s Bar-B-Q Overnights Authentic Texas Flavor

Palo Duro presents A Taste of Texas Music in every shipment

Luckenbach! Compadres!Austin, TX – January 8, 2008 “I was born hungry; I want to feed the world.” said Stubb as he learned the secrets of great barbecue. With their new overnight smoked barbecue service that brings Texas and its unbeatable authentic flavors right to your doorstep, Stubb is closer to fulfilling his goal. Stubb’s is now delivering unmatched quality smoked barbecue to homes nationwide. Try out Stubb’s famous Brisket that uses only the best part of an all natural beef brisket cut (called “The Flat”), which is then hand rubbed with Stubb’s secret spices and smoked for over 14 hours in an oak and hickory pit. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, go for the Baby Back Pork Ribs that’ll give you a meaty, bite-off-the bone experience that’ll have you talking for days. If you’re still craving more, indulge in the Peppered Pork Tenderloins for a juicy flavor, or one of our famous combos that will take your taste buds straight to the heart of Texas.

The ready to ship barbecue is smoked following Stubb’s legendary recipes dating back to 1968. When the barbecue has reached its perfect smoky perfection, it is pulled off the pit, flash frozen, shrink wrapped and sent via UPS to your doorstep. All the meats are wrapped in Stubb’s logo stamped butcher paper like the old Texas tradition, placed inside a reusable cooler and finally wrapped with a printed “Certified Stubb’s” outer seal to lock up this authentic Texas treasure. Already cooked, the meats are ready to heat and serve. One can feel the Love and Happiness behind these recipes; the pleasure of getting the right amount of smoke and the joy that people all over the nation feel when trying these great Texas treats. Plan your Sunday barbecue around Stubb’s newest flavors, put on some great music and enjoy this legendary tradition.And Palo Duro Records spices up every order with A Taste of Texas Music, a special 6-song CD sampler representing some of the finest of Texas music. The first installment of the series, available exclusively from Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, features music from Walt Wilkins & The Mystiqueros, Lost Immigrants, Two Tons of Steel, Darryl Lee Rush, Miles from Nowhere and Eleven Hundred Springs. Styles represented range from Americana to Southern rock, a true reflection on the diverse nature of Texas Music.

If you are ready to feel the true flavor of barbecue and smell the aroma of oak and hickory wood smoke that your brisket was cooked in, then you are ready for a Stubb’s barbecue experience. Get ready to fill up your plate with great authentic Texas barbecue. For more information, please visit http://www.stubbsbbq.com or call 1-800-BAR-B-CUE (227-2283).

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