Get your Music on TCB’s MySpace Player

We’d like to introduce our 2008 myspace page. It will be where we archive our newsletters, post breaking news and provide additional information on how to share and discover great independent roots music.

Please send an add request to:

If you’d like to have your music showcased on our myspace media player and referenced in our weekly newsletter please send us an mp3 and your permission to post if selected, in order that we may consider your song.

Please send to: with the subject line: MySpace Song Submission.

Songs will be left in rotation for a minimum of one week. The newsletter will include a short review as well as a link to your website/myspace page. We are able to include a maximum of 6 songs per week.

If you have already submitted a hard copy cd via regular and wish to have a song considered from that project please send an email with permission to the above address and indentify the song you’d like considered for rotation.

Our weekly newsletters will be posted in this blog as well as sent to our online email subscriber list.

You can sign up for the newsletter by sending an email here

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